Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What kind of information do you collect?

The information we collect is as follows:
• The personal information you provide to us is needed to process and process your orders. These include your name, address, email address, and phone number.
• Information about your browsing and shopping on our site, which we use to improve the services we provide, as well as keep you informed of product offers that interest you. This information is about your IP address, purchase history through our site, and information about your navigation through our site.
• The personal information you provide to us that is required for sending promotional material and personalized offers.

Security of personal data

Our store ELIZABET MERKOULIDIS ANASTASIOS undertakes that it will not give access to your personal data to third parties with the exception of:
• 1. Third parties that our store maintains collaboration at the Electronic Promotion and Action Marketing level and undertake the technical part of sending the emails or promotional material that you receive.
• 2. Collaborating Distributors and Freight Forwarders in order to properly transport and receive your orders.

Our store remains responsible for the processing of your personal data, defines the details of the processing and, where appropriate, signs a contract to ensure that the processing is carried out in accordance with EU Regulation on Personal Data Protection and that anyone may exercise the rights conferred on it by the legal framework.

 How Do I Accept or Not the Company's Privacy Policy?
Your use of the Online Store also means acceptance of the terms and conditions provided by ELISABET MERKOULIDIS ANASTASIOS. In any case and for any reason, every customer has the right to call 2100104183 and request the complete and definitive deletion of his personal data at any time except as required by law to be kept for commercial purposes. When it comes to sending promotional material and personalized offers, our store is committed to using it or using affiliates to remove it from the Recipients List via a special link that the customer must activate.